Music production and recording services in Montpelier, VT and throughout New England

& mobile classical or acoustic music & video recording throughout Vermont & beyond.

We provide a compressive range of music production and recording services including both audio and video recording in Vermont for acoustic musicians of all genres as well as voiceover and narration recording for a wide range of projects (podcasts, radio, online tutorials, and more!)  We are available to travel throughout New England & beyond for any of our services.

Our music production and recording services include: audio and video recording, voiceover & narration recording, engraving, digital music production, producing, score printing, composing, arranging & orchestrating.
We strive to give you the sound, look and feel that you envision for your artistic work.
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I’ve worked with Luke a number of times since 2013, including on studio and live audio recording projects and in a multi-camera video recording. He has also edited and prepared audio competition submissions and video reels. Luke worked with a great deal of patience and flexibility to help meet the specific needs of each of our projects. He is efficient during the recording process and his turn around is prompt when editing. Luke also makes sure that his work is worth every penny. – Margaret Ozaki

Recording Services:

Dolce Music Service offers high-quality mobile audio and video recording throughout Vermont and New England.  Demo recording rates are available for both audio and video recording to provide you with the most efficient and natural means of getting your music heard.

Also, ask us about producing your next project to help you get the highest quality recordings, manages your schedule and finances, help with music charts, have an extra pair of ears, etc.  A good music producer can help you achieve a better final product at a lower cost.  Example projects include: solo piano, choirs, chamber ensembles, string quartets, wind ensembles, solo voice or instrument, jazz ensembles, folk groups, live concert recording and much more!

Recording Rates for Music Recording*

Audio only starting at $60/hr or $150 for a three-hour block

Audio & Video starting at $95/hr or $250 for a three-hour block

Post-recording editing, mixing, and mastering starting at $40/hr

Single shot student recital DVDs starting at $195 or audio only starting at $125 (extra for recitals over 90 minutes).

Live streaming for recitals and concerts available for an additional fee.

Additional fees will apply for duplication, printing, piano usage/tuning, space rental, travel, etc. if applicable to your project.  Discounts for longer projects will be considered on a project by project basis.  Discounts also available for student demos.

We can now record multiple voice-overs, podcasts and website promo voices remotely and up to three speakers at once!


Engraving work is essential for providing performers with a clean and polished score and parts, to archive the work, or to provide a publish ready score for publishing companies or to sell your self-published works.  We have an attention to detail that will help your work shine.  Rates range from $1-$5* per measure per part dependent on the quality of the score, length of the work, and difficulty of the work.


Let us produce your next project and take away the extra hassles that keep you from being your full artistic self.  From budgets and planning, to making sure each member of your group is working and playing to their full potential, producing work can be an integral part of making sure your project is top notch.  Producing service rates range depending on the project*.

Website Promos

Every website needs high quality audio promos to draw in potential customers and donors.  Audio promos for your website will help keep people on your site longer by engaging your visitors in multimedia.

Composition, Arranging & Orchestration

Have a song that seems like it might be missing something?  Or, do you want to arrange a song to match your style and sound?  We can arrange and orchestrate your music and make sure that it fits your artistic voice and vision.  We can also compose, arrange and orchestrate music for your next film or video project.  We can also take your existing score and use our digital production tools to give you as nearly as possible a live-performance quality digital export.

Score Printing

We have developed a unique combination of laser and inkjet printing that yields beautiful high-quality scores that area easy for performers to read and will last for years to come.  Saddled stitching, coil binding, and metal binding are all available.  Pricing is determined by the number of content pages, type of cover, type of binding, and number of copies needed.  We guarantee that unique on-demand printing solution for musicians and composers will yield the results you need.

Voiceover & Narration Recording

Need voice-over recording for radio, television, film, documentaries, presentations, audio books or commercials?  Look no further! We have the creative tools, knowledge, and equipment to give you the highest quality voice-over recording for your project.  Need audio recording for announcements, educational workshops or tutorials, commercials, presentations, online courses, story-telling and spoken word, medical narrations, audio books, messages, podcasts and radio broadcast, documentaries or the other project?  We have professional voice-over talent available and deliver the highest quality audio in the industry!  The above rates do not apply to voice-over recording…please call us today for an affordable quote on voice-over recording.

Documentary & Film

Are you producing or directing a documentary film, information film or independent movie?  If so, we can help with mixing, audio recording, and producing.  Prices based on individual project.

Live Streaming

Live stream your next concert directly on your website or Facebook page!  We offer high quality live streaming (video & audio) and would love to help you live stream your next event.  Prices vary…

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*These rates are subject to project specifics, are subject to change, and do not apply to voice-over recording and live broadcasting.